10 Top tips to keep your marketing fresh

The lightbulb moment 

A good marketing strategy is built around solid goals, numerous measurable objectives towards achieving your goal and plenty of learning by experimentation with language, design and the use of different marketing channels.

Here are 10 tips for effective marketing:

  1. Know your customer profile and who your marketing material is directed at.
  2. Your customer wants to know ‘what’s in it for me’ when he/she reads your marketing material so make your benefits clear.
  3. Don’t overcomplicate your message – focus on one benefit to a specific target market.
  4. Customers are intelligent and advertising savvy people so your marketing material will need to be eye catching and headline grabbing in order to achieve stand out.
  5. Two of the most powerful words in marketing are ‘you’ and ‘your’. Not using either may adversely affect your response.
  6. Don’t settle on just one marketing channel because it’s one you have always used. A marketing mix should be just that – a mix of marketing channels complementing each other.
  7. Measure the results of all your marketing spend and know the sources of new business.
  8. Analyse the cost and source of new business and cut spending on poorly performing marketing channels.
  9. Capitalise on well performing marketing channels and increase spending.
  10. Tweak, repeat, analyse then tweak, repeat, analyse – continuously!

I hope that you have found these tips useful. If you have and you would like to hear more about how effective marketing will grow your business, please contact me by email guy@mymarketingguy.co.uk or by phone 07742 664662.

Thanks for reading.

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