10 top ways to fill up your sales funnel with Constant Contact

ctct_solution_provider_verticalMy Marketing Guy has used Constant Contact as our email marketing platform for several years so when the opportunity arose to become a Constant Contact partner we jumped at the chance to be able to promote something that we believe in so much.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we believe that Constant Contact will work for you just as it has for us.

1. 60-day Free Trial
With no financial outlay until you have had time to fully test the process there is no reason not to try Constant Contact. Take advantage of a 60 day no obligation free trial of their email marketing software. Just enter in your email address and start preparing your first campaign. We all like FREE don’t we?!

2. Fantastic Templates
Constant Contact makes preparing your promotions easy with a fabulous selection of ready-made templates for you to choose from. All can be easily edited and styled by you to enable you to begin your email marketing campaigns quickly and confidently.

3. Analytics and Reporting
You will know what works and what doesn’t thanks to Constant Contact’s reporting tools that track and report on all your emails in a style that is easy to navigate, understand and measure

4. Image Management
Constant Contact has made adding images to your emails so easy with their photo library function. In addition, you can access thousands of free images in the library to identify the image that suits your message perfectly.

5. Event Spot
For those of you who run events, the Event Spot feature will become your events assistant. Setting up an event, with templates for landing pages and event registration pages make the entire process easy and logical. In just a few clicks you can set up an event and Constant Contact will take care of tracking registrations and taking payments!

6. Promotional Coupons
Use coupons in your promotions and Constant Contact track the response and advise you who is using them. A brilliant client builder!.

7. Autoresponder
You have to see the Autoresponder in action to appreciate how this fabulous feature works. You can use it to schedule a series of sales messages to be sent to those who sign up with you for more information or a newsletter.

8. Social Media Integration
Share your newsletter quickly and easily on your social media platforms and integrate your campaigns with Facebook to develop awareness and branding.

9. Contact Management and adding lists
Within your Constant Contact package there is a versatile Contact Management System that can be tailor made for your own requirements. You will be able to add custom fields, tag contacts, group by geography, client type etc etc. Importing and exporting lists is a breeze, and Constant Contact will merge duplicates and prevent wastage.

10. Constant Contact Deliver!
With a 98% deliverability rate, Constant Contact offer minimal wastage and maximum delivery helping your budget work smarter and contributing to improved ROI.

I hope you like my 10 top tips to use Constant Contact to keep that order book busy. If you would like to hear more please contact me to arrange a meeting or a telephone call OR click on one of the links and go through to Constant Contact to get started straight away – good luck!

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