5 more key marketing tips


6. Marketing budget

Marketing is easy to cut back on when finances are tight. Our advice is to always try to ring fence some budget for marketing purposes. It is those companies that maintain their profile during difficult times that will come back stronger when the good times return.


7. Keep up to date

Marketing trends change so quickly that you should throw that old marketing guide away. It will be out of date before it is printed.


8. Test, analyse, fine tune, repeat

Having said that the pace of change is quick, it’s important not to get carried away with the latest trend. Don’t forget the test, analyse, fine tune and repeat advice with any media channel that might be new to you.


9. Use the marketing mix

Direct mail, door to door, posters, press – these are all media channels that have stood the test of time and are still producing strong results today. These should not be ignored in favour of a new methodology; it’s getting the marketing mix right that is key and there are numerous examples of new channels working well with established ones.



No it’s not a new football chant! But it could be a mantra for every businessman and woman whenever a promotion takes place. An ‘OK’ return on investment is not good enough, your promotions should be stepping stones to a successful financial year and careful planning will guarantee this.


If you like the marketing tips but need advice on approach, please email me: guy@mymarketingguy.co.uk – I would be pleased to help.

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