5 Social media mistakes to avoid

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One of the biggest errors that I see across Social Media is inconsistency. There is such a thing as a Social Media rhythm and if you get into yours then your followers know that they can rely on you. If however you are one of those who posts 21 posts in an hour then nothing for 3 weeks, then the chances are that you will not only be ignored, you will irritate your followers by the cascade of posts / messages when you do post! Far better that you take those 21 posts and schedule them across the 21 day period, or across a 7 day period achieving a consistency of posting and profile.


Incessant sales messages. Another big nono is the poster who is always pushing his sales message out with every post, never engaging or appreciating others. They wouldn’t run in and out of a bar shouting their sales message and not talking to anyone so what make it acceptable on social media?


Timing is important. Try to post when your followers are online. Apps like Tweriod will analyse the online activity of your followers and give you a breakdown of the best times to post. Take their advice and see your retweet count take off!


Failure to plan and schedule activity. Some of the issues above can be overcome by scheduling. Apps such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck will help you schedule your posts to go out when you are in meetings or at other times that you can’t make it online in person. This gives you an underlying backbone of business messages but obviously won’t do the engagement – that’s for you and to do personally and it’s essential if you are going to build online relationships and do business.

There we are then; just a few of the more obvious errors to avoid – obvious that is until you analyse what you have been doing and realise that you might have fallen into one or more of the bad habits!



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