5 top tips to achieve high email marketing open rates

email icon5 tips on achieving high email marketing open and click through rates

Most online businesses don’t use email marketing efficiently with the result that our inboxes can sometimes be overwhelmed with irrelevant promotions and information. Understanding how to tap into the massive potential that email marketing affords us is the first step towards recognising its versatility as an effective promotional tool.

Planning is Key.

Segment Your Email List

There are many tools that have made it easy to capture customer data and use it to divide customers into specific email categories. Segmentation makes your list more manageable because it allows you to send category-specific emails that have relevant and engaging content for their audience. With segmentation, clients receive fewer unwanted emails and targeting  is often what separates good results from average ones.

 Be Personal

When writing an email, be personal and write like a human, not like a business. When you write like a human, the email has a viewpoint and a certain personality because it is conversational in nature. After writing the email, ensure you read it aloud to get rid of non-conversational elements. A personal and conversational email is simple and natural.


According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report-Q4 2013, over 65% of all emails are accessed through mobile devices and this number is expected to increase in future the figures are likely to be similar for the UK.

For this reason, you should ensure that you use designs that are mobile-responsive.

Be interesting and relevant

Further optimise your emails by focusing on 3 important elements-

  • From line
  • Email Subject
    • Spend time writing this because your use of language is vital here and many people ignore this basic rule. If the subject line is not compelling enough to have the email opened, it doesn’t matter how good the email content may be because it won’t be read!
  • Your opening sentence
    • This is as vital as your subject line. Keep the readers interested with a good opening sentence and a promise of what’s to come and they will read on. Fail and they won’t.

Send Emails to a strategy

There is much debate over how frequently you should send emails. Should it be:

  • Once a day?
  • Once a week?
  • Once a month?

Most businesses fail to send multiple emails because they fear over-emailing. Although this is a legitimate concern, building trust and relationships with clients requires you to interact with them many times, just like in normal relationships.

The importance is relevance.

I receive emails from many people every day but there are 2 people whose emails i never delete because they are relevant and I will always file for later if I don’t have time to read them when they arrive. Mostly they are educational and providing value to me and their other potential customers. A lesson for all of us is to carefully consider our reader when we write our emails.

Whichever email rhythm you decide upon please be consistent and send your emails in accordance with your marketing strategy – there has to be a purpose behind investing so much time and effort, just make sure you know what yours is.

Thank you for reading this blog. If you would like further information on any of the topics raised above please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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