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If your website doesn’t have a business blog then you are missing out. You are missing an opportunity to position yourself as one of your industry’s leaders.

You may have an excellent website, with effective SEO pulling in significant traffic – but so may your competition.

Your competition may also have a blog that demonstrates their thought leadership and their position in your marketplace as an industry expert. If so, who has the edge?

Added Value

A blog is the added value to a website that can make the difference between the visitor staying and having a closer look around before placing an enquiry, or leaving for the next competitor on the Google results page.

You only have the one chance to make a first impression and a thoughtful blog piece could make all the difference.

It is easy enough to catch the blogging wave if you have control of your website. If you haven’t then it may be time to talk to whoever looks after your website and ask for admin rights for a blog page. Don’t accept being told that it is complicated – it isn’t! (Or it certainly doesn’t have to be).

Blogging Do’s & Don’ts

There are dos and don’ts for a blog and here are some very basic ones:

      Do use a spell checker. There is nothing worse than bad spelling or bad grammar on a blog designed to position you as an industry leader.
      Do use Social Media to drive traffic to your blog. Links within posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will heighten your blog visibility.
      Do finish your blog post on a positive note with a call to action and an easy response mechanism.
      Do blog regularly to keep the page fresh for returning visitors.
      Don’t spin the blog you have just seen on a competitor’s website. You are an industry leader with your own opinions.
      Don’t forget to use visuals and sub headings. Readers don’t like full pages of text.
      Don’t make the blog unnecessarily long.
      Don’t forget to use keywords that carry anchor text and link to other pages on your site. Not too many though, a couple will be fine.

American research (Hubspot) indicates that sites with blogs got 55% more traffic than those that did not. 89% of companies believe that blogging will grow in importance over the next 5 years and 57% of companies with blogs have had enquiries resulting in orders via their blog.

We have many more stats that would emphasise the importance of blogging but a taster is enough for now!

Contact me direct if you would like more details or a report on trends.

The next step

If you are convinced that you shouldn’t put off blogging any longer but still feel that you don’t have time, Please don’t let this be a barrier to blogging! I can help you and will do this at 20% discount on normal fees if you mention this blog post.

Email me at guy@mymarketingguy.co.uk or contact me here and I will let you have an amazing proposal that will clear the way for you to compete and be that industry leader!

All the best
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Chris is a Specialist Trainer and Marketing Consultant based on the Wirral, Merseyside

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