7 Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service – a guest post

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Do you know how much a missed call may cost you? If you are an Estate Agent it could cost you the commission on selling a house from a new instruction, say £5,000.00?

Many businesses may be unclear or unsure about the benefits a telephone answering service and what they can offer to businesses, large and small.   Some businesses may not really understand how a telephone answering system actually works. There may be misconceptions about the ‘call centre’ association or they may wonder how a call handling solution would fit in with their business. Well, Face for Business would like to alleviate any misconceptions and explain exactly how call handling and outsourced reception work here.

A call answering service does exactly what it says on the tin. It answers calls for those businesses who can’t. Maybe you are:-

  • A sole trader or one man band and have one landline and a mobile, and can’t answer both calls. You’re at a meeting, you have no receptionist and your mobile is the number on all your promotional literature. How do you handle your calls?
  • Solution: With our message only package you can have phone cover from as little as £38.00 per month saving you the cost of a full-time, or even part-time, receptionist to answer your phone. You simply divert your calls to us when your phones are engaged or unanswered.
  • A small business with a handful of staff who are often busy in meetings, out on site or dealing with visitors to your office. You want to give an excellent image of your company, so what do you do when you’re lines are engaged?
  • Solution: Use our message only package and ensure that your phone lines are diverted to our answering service, where a message will be taken and sent immediately to you by text or email.
  • A larger business with your own reception and switchboard. You find that during lunch breaks, calls are being missed as they are when staff are on annual leave or off sick. Solution: We have an outsourced reception package that enables the larger companies to divert their calls to us when their own receptionist or switchboard is busy. This service complements your own, and is seamless in the transition from your company to ours. The outsourced reception provision also allows you to use us during your busier periods, and also during staff holidays and sickness.

The benefits of our call handling service.

  • Your own dedicated PA (with some of our packages) – our PAs make it their business to know yours
  • Free landline transfers – we don’t charge for transfers
  • Call recording – our call recording facility lets you listen back to your calls
  • Cost savings – save on employee costs/wages
  • Increased efficiencies – save time, get more done and let us screen those unwanted sales calls
  • Enhanced image – give a first-class impression of your company, by having a voice at the end of the phone every time
  • Business growth – we capture those calls and potential new clients you miss.

Face for Business is here to help you. We have clients from all sizes and types of businesses and treat each one differently, according to their own needs. Please review our Clients Like You section and review our ever growing testimonials section for reassurance and encouragement to try our seven day free trial.

Call us today on 0845 031 3232, or complete our trial form here.

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