9 reasons to use Twitter for Business


I am often asked what the point of Twitter is, especially for business, and some folk even go to the lengths of suggesting that Twitter meets a demand that doesn’t exist! In that case try telling the 43% of UK businesses on Twitter who have met clients as a result of their Twitter presence and activity. It is an important element of today’s marketing mix and like the Smartphone, we will soon wonder whatever we did without it.


Different people will have different motivations for engaging with Social Media but my top nine for Twitter are as follows:

  • It helps me increase brand awareness
    • It has a wide reach with a mix of local, regional, national and global.
  • It allows me to promote the My Marketing Guy blog posts
    • Blog posts would not be as widely read without promoting them on Twitter
  • It drives traffic to my website
    • Links with tweets enable visitors to find my website quickly and easily
  • The 140 character maximum has helped develop my writing skills.
    • The restriction encourages brevity and relevance – short and to the point
  • It’s engaging to talk to people you wouldn’t otherwise meet
    • Learn about businesses you would never otherwise hear from. They may be potential clients
  • It can be good fun
    • Talking business doesn’t need to be serious all the time – enjoy it!
  • It enables you to generate business
    • Everyone you engage with is a potential client, some will become actual clients
  • It’s immediate
    • You can react immediately and comment on a piece of news or counter competitor activity. No planning necessary – just do it!
  • It’s inexpensive – just my time.
    • With the right techniques, Twitter need not be time consuming and it is a great way of developing your communication methods.


Of course there are more than 9 good reasons to use Twitter and I would be really pleased to hear your reason – just respond below and we’ll see how many and varied they can be.


If you need advice about your Social Media profiles and activity, please don’t hesitate to contact me on guy@mymarketingguy.co.uk


Thanks for reading – come back soon!

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