A unique marketing package for the start up company

Marketing strategy for the start up company 
If you are reading this then the chances are that you are launching a new company and may be in need of specialist advice.
It is perfectly usual to call upon specialist knowledge in the planning stages and no doubt you will have spoken to both solicitors and accountants but have you had Marketing advice or considered a Marketing Strategy for the first 12 months and beyond?
Your business plan should have identified your target market but reaching them needs coordinating within your Marketing Plan. A marketing consultant such as My Marketing Guy will look after this for you as well as planning campaigns to take place in your first year in business.
We have spoken to start up focus groups and given a great deal of thought about how best we can help you, the new business owner. We know how important it is to you that costs are kept to a minimum and we are announcing an amazing Marketing Package offered purely for startup and fledgling companies.
We believe that it offers fantastic value for money because we want to help our start up clients grow so that we can grow with them.
The new business marketing package includes:

    • A professionally written Marketing strategy for your company
    • Graphic design
      • Full identity: logo, branding guidelines, artwork and printing of 250 business cards, 250 letterheads and 250 compliment slips:
    • Web design
      • Full basic site: one year domain registration and hosting, one email address and design of five-page site:
    • Full Social Media Management for 3 months to establish branding awareness on up to 3 social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc)
      • Punchy, synchronized messaging across the chosen social media platforms for 3 months (2 messages per working day x 3 platforms = 30 messages per week)
    • Two quarterly marketing plan reviews
    • Up to 12 calls to our marketing advice line for the first 12 months

The value of the package is over £3,000.00 but we have fixed the package at £1,799.00 plus VAT* for you, the startup or fledgling business owner.
There are a variety of other services available which may be required dependent upon the nature of the business. Discounted prices are available in the first year for:

    • Ongoing monthly Marketing consultancy and project implementation
    • Social Media management training to enable you to do this work if preferred
    • WordPress management training to enable you to update your website if preferred
    • Blogging and newsletter writing
    • Telephone marketing, lead generation and appointment setting
    • Direct Mail preparation (excluding list purchase)
    • Leaflet distribution
    • Email marketing
    • PR
    • Event management

For further details and to take advantage of a FREE consultation, email us at: guy@mymarketingguy.co.uk
Many thanks for reading this blog post, we hope you found it useful.
*knowing that even such a good deal can be expensive when you are starting up, we are happy to discuss amortising the cost of the package over a 10 month period.

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