Accurate Targeting and Leaflet Distribution


Our knowledge of consumers, their habits and behaviour has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. The benefits to media channels such as Leaflet Distribution has led to this previously previous blunt promotional instrument developing an accuracy that if it still isn’t exactly scalpel precise, it cuts to the target market pretty accurately.


Effective targeting of a leaflet delivery can mean the difference between the success and failure of your promotional campaign and between a good or bad ROI. Good targeting minimizes your wastage and maximizes your potential response. For relatively small geodemographic targeting fees you will save significant amounts of money on unnecessary print and distribution outside of your prime target market.


Identifying the profile of your existing customer base is an easy enough process. You would simply submit a list of client post codes to an agency who offer profiling as a service. Two market leaders are ACORN and Experian’s MOSAIC, they differ slightly in approach but similar profiles emerge at the end of the process.


The profile will tell you the demographics of your customer base so we simply need to find more of them for you to promote your products or services.


Now let’s identifying the geographical boundaries for your promotion. You may have existing sales boundaries, or work within defined postcode sectors a TV region or a radio region. Once established, we can look for more of the types of customer that dominate your profile by running your profile against your chosen geographical area.


Maps are then produced for customer approval and these form the basis of your leaflet distribution promotional coverage.


When distribution has taken place and the results are in, it is best practice to evaluate these results and identify any underperforming areas, take them off your schedule for future campaigns and concentrate the budget on developing the areas that are producing business.


It’s a simple enough procedure from start to finish and evaluation but the evaluation stage is critical if lessons are to be learned and the ROI to show continuous improvement.


November 2012

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