Add some zest to your marketing strategy!!

I can help you overcome moments of self-doubt, or just plain doubt about what marketing channels and which strategies might work best for your business.
My Marketing Guy works as a Marketing Mentor spending as much, or as little, time as is necessary with clients to help them to increase their customer base, retain existing ones, and make sure new customers become loyal, long lasting ones.
I work with business people who want to succeed; who appreciate being challenged; who appreciate the independent point of view and who like to bounce their own marketing theories off a marketing professional.

    You know that a marketing mentor would be good for you when:

  • You don’t know which of your advertising and marketing efforts are producing the best results.
  • There is no one else in the business to assist with marketing matters.
  • New marketing techniques are being used and you aren’t aware of them.
  • Competitors seem to be more switched on than you are.
    Discover how regular mentoring can boost your sales and marketing performance.
    The business world is becoming increasing competitive and how reassuring would it be to have professional marketing advice ‘on tap’ as a member of your team to refer to as and when necessary?
    Between us we will:

    • Keep the sales funnel filled up with clever, innovative marketing techniques.
    • Introduce a strategy to make sure that consistency is maintained.
    • Give you reassurance that you are not on your own and that you have the support of a marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience.
    • Make doubt a thing of the past!
    Do you want to know more? Contact me by email or talk to me on: 07742 664662

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