Do you have order takers or sales staff?

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After all your marketing investment, make sure your sales staff are following your leads up because I read some staggering facts about the sales process recently.


An article by Robert Clay told us that 44% of sales people give up after a single follow up of the sales enquiry. ONE FOLLOW UP!! Well I don’t know about you but if I had one of those 44% of sales people working for me, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t have a job for very long.


A further 22% of sales people give up after 2 negative responses so that’s 66% of sales people already who don’t deserve the word ‘sales’ on their business card – these are order takers, not sales people.


14% give up after 3 and 12% give up after 4 knock backs. This means that 92% of sales people give up after 4 negatives and only 8% carry on regardless.


Every company needs a follow up strategy and it looks like we need a minimum of 5 follow up calls dependent upon the nature of the enquiry because in some types of industry a fortnight is all it takes, but in others it can be a year or more. Tailor your follow up strategy accordingly but don’t give up too soon!

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