Social Media Crisis Management

Reputation is vital in business and the awful reality is that it can take years to build and a moment to be ruined, in fact it is so fragile that you could lose it before you realise. One simple mistake could drive it down the drain leaving irreparable damage to the company’s image, especially in social media where news travels … Read More

How the Recent Twitter Changes Will Affect Business Promotions & Posts

Do you wonder how the recent Twitter changes will affect business promotions and posts? Then you have come to the right place. Essentially, Twitter has introduced a new algorithm that rewards relevance over recency. This algorithmic overhaul means that Twitter changes will focus more on the quality of the content (both paid for and organic). Advertisers, however, will need to … Read More

Is a LinkedIn Premium Account worth investing in?

First of all, a confession. For a long time I doubted the value of having a Linkedin Premium account. The free version seemed to suit my needs and for many it will. However, I wanted more out of Linkedin and researched Premium in more detail – the free month’s trial was an indication that they know they have a good … Read More

Has Social Media Replaced Cold Calling?

Social media is, slowly but surely, replacing cold calling in the business world. Through social selling, companies are now replacing their cold calling and telephone selling. Here’s why: Ignoring Calls With caller display, more and more people understand that the only calls they get where the caller id is hidden usually come from cold callers. As a result, they are … Read More

The Importance of a good, relevant Company Social Media Policy

The technological advancements in internet connectivity and mobile telephony has seen a fantastic increase in the number of people engaging in social media use across the globe. The ever increasing participation and interest in social media have pervaded all facets of human life with personal use and business use taking advantage of social media for various purposes that include communication, … Read More

The Secret of Evergreen Content as a Marketing Tool

If you are involved in any kind of online marketing, you will probably have come across the term evergreen content marketing. So, what is it, why do you need it, and how does it boost your website’s search engine optimization and rank? What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen content marketing refers to the promotion of any content that is continually relevant … Read More

Outsourcing Your Social Media Management – Pros & Cons

Good social media management is important to your branding and marketing efforts. It determines the online image of your business. However, you might face a dilemma deciding whether to hire someone to manage your social media accounts or to outsource the task to a professional firm. There is no right answer but to help you make the right decision, please … Read More

How to Generate Business Leads from LinkedIn

Do you have a personal or business profile on LinkedIn which, if you were to be honest, hasn’t particularly benefited you in any way? Well, you’re not alone. LinkedIn is a career based, social media site where professionals interact and display their expertise, talents and abilities. Businesses also advertise their services and products here. However, most people are yet to … Read More

A #Hashtag Hour daily listing – updated

#Hashtag business hours on Twitter are a great way of networking online with businesses and other people within a geographical area such as #NorthWestHour, or within a specific business area such as #bridalhour. I am constantly asked about #hashtag hours so have compiled the ones that I know about or have heard about in order to collect them in one … Read More

Does the perfect Facebook post exist?

Are you searching for the secret of the perfect Facebook business post? If so, you are not alone………. In 2015 it’s been far more difficult to achieve Facebook reach due to the changes in 2014 of Facebook algorithms.   Now, in the Autumn of 2015, I can share with you what has worked for me and my clients so far … Read More