How to create the compelling social media post…

You use social media post to drive traffic to your website or blog and it is the most important sentence you will write. Fail to make your social media posts enticing and all the time that you spent writing and researching your blog will be wasted due to lack of traffic to the page. In 1924 advertising guru Claude Hopkins, … Read More

How we are using are Smartphones – revealing statistics and their impact…

According to Statista, a whopping 65% of us deal with our emails using our smartphones as the laptop becomes less important to our lives and the desktop takes a real back seat. These are the results of their survey about how we used our smartphones in Q1 of 2015. Many papers have been written about the sociological impact of Smartphones … Read More

Video & Email Marketing working together to improve open rates…..

If you like what you just saw and would like to take advantage of the powerful combination of this multi-channel approach, please contact either Chris at My Marketing Guy –, or Paul at Old Piano Films, you will be amazed and delighted at the results of just how effective this approach is.

5 top tips to achieve high email marketing open rates

5 tips on achieving high email marketing open and click through rates Most online businesses don’t use email marketing efficiently with the result that our inboxes can sometimes be overwhelmed with irrelevant promotions and information. Understanding how to tap into the massive potential that email marketing affords us is the first step towards recognising its versatility as an effective promotional tool. … Read More

4 common reasons for ‘avoiding’ the Social Media.

I’m sure that readers of this blog will not be counted amongst those who avoid the benefits that social media success can offer but just in case you are, please read on. Having presented numerous social media workshops over the last few years I have been impressed by the thirst for learning from the vast majority about how to make … Read More

10 top ways to fill up your sales funnel with Constant Contact

My Marketing Guy has used Constant Contact as our email marketing platform for several years so when the opportunity arose to become a Constant Contact partner we jumped at the chance to be able to promote something that we believe in so much. Here are the top 10 reasons why we believe that Constant Contact will work for you just … Read More

7 Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service – a guest post

Do you know how much a missed call may cost you? If you are an Estate Agent it could cost you the commission on selling a house from a new instruction, say £5,000.00? Many businesses may be unclear or unsure about the benefits a telephone answering service and what they can offer to businesses, large and small.   Some businesses may … Read More

What is Cyber Safety?

Cyber safety means different things to different people. To all those parents who bought this years ‘must have’ present of a tablet or smartphone for their children it might be the importance of having guidelines, rigorous settings and helping the children understand the opportunities that technology can offer them as well as the online risks. Cyber safety in business means … Read More

10 top sales tips – a guest bloggers’ view

My Marketing Guy’s guest Blogger this month is Kate Roxburgh. Kate is a freelance sales professional and she gives us her thoughts about preparing for those important sales meetings. If your sales pitch has gone a little stale have a read of my 10 top tips. We all need to review our sales technique as trends change so having spent … Read More

Marketing your business with YouTube

How many times have you referred to YouTube this month? After all, as the second largest search engine after Google with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month, the likelihood is that you are one of them. It is becoming harder and harder to ignore the power of YouTube for business marketing. Almost every country in the … Read More