The Arthur Thompson Memorial Award

  I was both surprised and delighted earlier this year to discover that I had been nominated for the Door Drop Industry’s prestigious Arthur Thompson Memorial Award.   Arthur was an industry giant who contributed enormously to the growth of the industry that I worked in for over 30 years. I felt therefore, both humbled and honoured to be presented … Read More

Marketing your business using Google +

  Google + is a social network site owned by the world’s most popular search engine, Google. It is designed to promote interactions between various people via the internet and permit the creation and exchange of users generated content, information and ideas across virtual communities and networks just like Facebook and Twitter.   Recently, there has been a proliferation of … Read More

Overcoming presentation nerves

  They say that the two biggest fears in life are death and public speaking.   The first is inevitable at some stage so it’s best not to waste precious time by worrying about it, but public speaking is optional. You don’t have to put yourself through it but we do it anyway!   We do it for increased profile … Read More

Why you need a responsive website…

  How does your website look on a PDA?   Most of us use our mobile devices for numerous hours a day according to research. Weekdays, weekends, around the house, in the pub, watching TV – just watch the queue in a supermarket, or people at a bus stop or train station; we just can’t get enough of it!   … Read More

Do You ‘Avoid’ the Benefits of Social Media?

Having presented numerous Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Hootsuite workshops during the last 12 months I have been impressed by the thirst for learning from business people about how to make these popular platforms work for their business.   However, I have been puzzled by the number of people who, having learned what to do and why they should doing it, end up … Read More

Twitter use by top sports people

Or..Why do sports people tweet? With all the issues that some sports people have brought upon themselves by tweeting one would have thought that this would have put them off. Not a bit of it!! Hundreds of our top sportsmen and women are there on Twitter offering a (sometimes self-indulgent) look at the lives they lead. Are we interested? Of … Read More

Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn!

  If Twitter is the equivalent of the chatter at a busy party       and Facebook is like an evening in the pub with friends;                                                                                                    then Linkedin must be a visit to the trade show.       LinkedIn is widely regarded as the most overlooked Social Media platform of them all but potentially the most influential.   Worldwide there are … Read More

Add some zest to your marketing strategy!!

    I can help you overcome moments of self-doubt, or just plain doubt about what marketing channels and which strategies might work best for your business.   My Marketing Guy works as a Marketing Mentor spending as much, or as little, time as is necessary with clients to help them to increase their customer base, retain existing ones, and … Read More

Does Twitter really work in a b2b world?

  Twitter is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix in business today but tweeting to a strategy is vital if you are to succeed in a b2b world where business people are constantly bombarded with messages and demands on their time.   There is such a thing as a social media rhythm and it will be different for … Read More

Know your customer, here’s a guest bloggers’ view.

  My Marketing Guy’s guest Blogger this month is Frances Norris. Frances founded CE Policy & Communication, a digital communication consultancy in 2012. Frances gives us her thoughts about identifying and targeting your customer.   Identifying marketing strategies for your niche business – the marketing mantra “know your customer” has never been more important.   For highly specialised businesses the … Read More