Facebook’s 2018 Changes – the effect on SME business pages.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and the CEO of Facebook, has recently introduced several changes to this social media platform, a step that is going to affect the SME community using business pages to not only communicate to its clients but also market their products and services. According to a post on his Facebook timeline early this year, Zuckerberg’s goal is … Read More

Twitter – will 280 characters make a difference?

Social media giant Twitter recently decided to drop its long-standing and unique 140-character limit to its tweets for almost all its users around the world. This pronouncement was arrived at after testing out the idea among certain users for over a month. The micro-blogging website, which has close to 330 million monthly active users, raised its character cap to 280 … Read More

LinkedIn Native Video is on it’s way!

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Native Video LinkedIn will soon roll out their new LinkedIn Native Video feature – get used to the term because you will hear a lot about it in the weeks to come. This new video feature will be available via the LinkedIn mobile app, and will allow users to record and upload native … Read More

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content Curation One important element of Content Marketing is Content Curation. This refers to the harvesting of information that is relevant to a certain topic relevant to your Law Firm. Just like a museum curator seeks out the most valuable artefacts or works of art, a curator in this context identifies the most useful pieces of information that could be … Read More

The 2017 Linkedin Changes explained

The Background For years, Linkedin has had a successful run connecting employers, colleagues, and professionals with one another for the sake of continuity and productivity in the business environment; and now, with its new and complete redesign, it aims to kick the numbers up even higher in terms of the number of users who log onto the site to do … Read More

How Facebook changes will affect business in 2017

One of the social media giants, Facebook has remained dominant in the social media space because of its commitment to change and reinvent itself for the benefit of users. Facebook aims at providing the best content and unrivalled overall user experience to keep users constantly engaged. In the past few months, Facebook has implemented some changes and announced new updates … Read More

Social Media Crisis Management

Reputation is vital in business and the awful reality is that it can take years to build and a moment to be ruined, in fact it is so fragile that you could lose it before you realise. One simple mistake could drive it down the drain leaving irreparable damage to the company’s image, especially in social media where news travels … Read More

How the Recent Twitter Changes Will Affect Business Promotions & Posts

Do you wonder how the recent Twitter changes will affect business promotions and posts? Then you have come to the right place. Essentially, Twitter has introduced a new algorithm that rewards relevance over recency. This algorithmic overhaul means that Twitter changes will focus more on the quality of the content (both paid for and organic). Advertisers, however, will need to … Read More

Is a LinkedIn Premium Account worth investing in?

First of all, a confession. For a long time I doubted the value of having a Linkedin Premium account. The free version seemed to suit my needs and for many it will. However, I wanted more out of Linkedin and researched Premium in more detail – the free month’s trial was an indication that they know they have a good … Read More