Choosing a good Business Mentor?

It is well known that you are more likely to succeed in business if you have a good business mentor. However, what should you look for when searching for a mentor? Well, the following are traits of a worthy mentor:

  • Professional & Experienced

On paper, mentorship may look pretty easy. However, in reality, it is not. Helping a person to become a good entrepreneur requires skill, patience and belief in the mentee. Such qualities are more likely to be found in a professional or experienced mentor who has experienced business life at the coalface.

  • Person you admire

Mentorship is more than just finding a person who shows you how a business should work. It is also about creating long-lasting friendship. It is useful to look for a person who you admire and trust.

  • High Integrity

As a protégée or mentee you should always seek a person who is of high integrity. In your interaction, you’ll soon be emulating him either knowingly or unknowingly. The more reputable your mentor is the more probable you will be as well.

  • Always Available

Running or starting a business can be tough. The stiff-neck rivalry and volatility in the market can keep you awake for long hours. Having a business mentor who is always available gives you a better chance of surviving in the market.

  • Positive Thinker

The success of business is largely influenced by your thinking. You are what you think after all. Therefore, it pays to have a mentor who is a positive thinker. Overtime, you’ll come to believe in yourself even when the odds are against you.

  • Open-minded

Optimism or thinking positively is always a good approach. Nonetheless, at times it’s unrealistic. A mentor should always be open-minded. No holding back or mincing words. He should be brave enough to tell you to your face if an idea isn’t sustainable.

  • Shares Similar Goals

You should share similar goals and objectives with your mentor. In fact, it is useful, but not essential, to approach a person who runs or has had a hand in running a business similar to yours. He will have deeper understanding of the business.

  • Listening

You will always face challenges in your business. And a good mentor will pull, not push you; he won’t solve your problems for you, he will help you solve them by listening to you and asking questions. He will listen to you even when you are making little sense.

The good business mentor will stimulate your own thoughts and guide you through the murky waters; give you a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough; and share your satisfaction when that major contract is awarded or a new client signs up.

  • And finally….

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