Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content Curation

One important element of Content Marketing is Content Curation. This refers to the harvesting of information that is relevant to a certain topic relevant to your Law Firm.

Just like a museum curator seeks out the most valuable artefacts or works of art, a curator in this context identifies the most useful pieces of information that could be used in their own particular context.

Curation of content in today’s world is often carried out automatically using software designed for the process and based upon certain keywords or phrases that are topic specific.

There is no excuse for not being aware of what is going on these days!

Content Curation for Law Firms

For a law firm, content curation is potentially one of the most effective ways of increasing a law firm’s online presence and influence.

Law firms usually have a certain driving philosophy and identifying relevant content to support enables the law firm to maintain consistency with that philosophy and create that oh so important relevancy between prospective clients doing their research and your firm.

Content curation can also save money. Creating original content can be both time consuming and tedious; how much more cost effective to be seen to endorse the content of a respected source?

It is important however to make it clear that this is what you are doing otherwise you may infringe copyright law. Not to do so would be unfortunate!

Verification of Information

This is the information age and there are vast amounts of information available on the internet. The problem with this information is that a considerable amount of it is not credible.

Many people end up using information that has no basis in truth which is misleading.

When law firms curate content, they take the time to sift through the misinformation and fake news to provide only credible information for their social media and website visitors.

Providing accurate, relevant news and information also helps law firms keep their news feeds varied and interesting – educating followers with up to date topics by commenting on content generated by others. This in turn encourages repeat return visits by visitors.


Using Content Curation mixed with your own unique Blogging material is the perfect blend to establish authority and relevancy. You want clients, potential clients and casual visitors to see you as a thought leader, industry expert, the go to Law Firm and what better way to do it than by establishing a powerful Content strategy within your overarching Marketing Plan?

For further information and details about how we can help you achieve this, please contact me on 07742 664 662. My Marketing Guy is Merseyside based, offering the full range of marketing support.

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