Do You ‘Avoid’ the Benefits of Social Media?

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Having presented numerous Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Hootsuite workshops during the last 12 months I have been impressed by the thirst for learning from business people about how to make these popular platforms work for their business.


However, I have been puzzled by the number of people who, having learned what to do and why they should doing it, end up ‘parking’ social media so I decided to find out why. The four main reasons (excuses!) are detailed below and demonstrate some short sightedness in overall company strategy.


Let’s have a look at them:


  • 1.   I have nothing to say.

Quite simply, if this is your reason for not using social media to promote your business it is highly unlikely to be true. Given a little thought, every business has a regular stream of stories to share. Anyone involved in home improvements will not only have that good news story about enhancing a client’s lifestyle, but there will also be before and after visuals to use to show how good you are.


Professionals such as accountants and solicitors can position themselves as industry thought leaders by scanning the news of the day and commenting on hot topics as appropriate. I see this happening on a regular basis and it is those professionals who are developing their brand by associating themselves with the serious issues of the day who will have a great chance of being the ones we turn to when we need someone. Theirs are the names that will be familiar to us and brand awareness breeds business.


Don’t be shy, there is always something to say whatever line of business you are in.


  • 2.   We don’t have a blog on our website.


Website blogs/news pages / information centres are growing in importance and significance because of their dual ability to enable traffic to be driven to the website and to provide the opportunity to write 400/500 of your words that establish you as one of your industry’s thought leaders.


If you couple this with the advantage that a well written, content rich blog will give you when it comes to seo then it is clear that an active blog is an absolute must for your website.


  • 3.   I won’t have time.


It’s difficult to say which is the most common of the issues that seem to prevent business owners from tapping into the power of social media but this one is popular!


Owners and directors of small businesses are expected to be experts in so many areas these days; HR, bookkeeping, law, marketing, PR, sales, admin – the list goes on and on. My advice to the business owner is that there are not enough hours in the day to become an expert in all these fields but it is important to have an overview of a subject before taking the decision to outsource.


You will no doubt seek professional advice where accountancy and legal issues are concerned, probably marketing and PR as well; so why not outsource your Social Media to a strategist who has the specific expertise to make social media work for you? Then, if you genuinely can’t find time to handle your own strategy, at least you know your message is getting out to an agreed strategy,  and is in safe hands.


  • 4.   Social Media is no good for our business.


My standard response to this reason/excuse for not using social media is to ask what makes their business so different from that of everyone else for the following reasons:


There are 10million UK users on Linkedin which is a seriously effective social media business platform; there are 1billion Facebook users worldwide and your business only needs to attract the tiniest percentage of them to be highly successful and finally, 43% of UK businesses on Twitter have met clients there.


We just scratch the surface with those amazing stats!


Social Media is here to stay and I heard someone say recently that it is not going to be a question of whether our businesses do social media, it is more a question of how well our businesses do social media.


If you have not taken Social Media seriously in the past but feel you might be missing out because your competitors are all there then you are right!


If you don’t have the time / inclination to become involved but feel that you should have a serious Social Media presence then I can help.


My Consultancy specialises in Full Social Media Management for the busy business owner and if you contact me as a result of having read this blog I would be happy to give you some options over the best way forward for you.


Any subsequent quotation will show a 33% discount until the end of 2014. Contact Chris at My Marketing Guy with brief details and quote ref: Blog33 and I will give you a call.

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