Do you ‘get’ Social Media yet?

The Social Media courses that Rosie – Learning and My Marketing Guy have put on recently have emphasised to me the amazing power, reach and versatility that social media platforms offer all businesses.


I have always been aware that Social Media for business is a must, but demonstrating this to others enabled me to see it through their eyes and from their point of view. So it’s great to see a number of the course delegates making more of social media now than they did before. I include myself in that.


Why is it important? Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have different looks, appeal and facilities but they all perform one common business function. They all serve to feed your website with traffic, and support the rest of your marketing effort as an integral part of your marketing strategy.


Just as you will have an overall marketing strategy, a social media strategy is vital. Decide upon the best platforms for you, set your goals and plan a series of social media campaigns (short, medium and long term) to achieve them. No goals, no outcome.

Your competitors are in there already!

10 million UK businesses are on Linkedin, 43% of UK businesses on Twitter have met clients as a result of their Twitter presence and activity; and if Facebook was a country it would have the third largest population in the world after China and India!


If you still need to be convinced that Social Media is right for your company write down the names of 3 of your direct competitors and search for them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The likelihood is that they will be there and be doing business.


If you don’t have an active social media presence, please understand that it is happening anyway so don’t let it happen without you!


Online business is different to offline business and many companies are making online contact combined with offline follow up – email, phone and face to face. However, in order to reach that stage you have to engage online because you can’t sit there hoping that people will see you, engage and place business; you have to build an online brand that people will relate to and follow.

Basic mistakes to avoid!

A basic mistake is to push out your sales message with every post. You wouldn’t do talk about your company nonstop with friends in the pub because they would soon find a different pub, and social media like Twitter and Facebook should not be treated differently. Engage; retweet, ‘like’, follow and respond. Effort in = results out, just like friendships.


The two most common barriers to becoming involved that I hear are “I never know what to say” or “I don’t have time”.


First of all we ALL have plenty to say! It just requires a bit of thought sometimes. Secondly, if you truly don’t have time due to your other responsibilities, I offer highly competitive packages for handling Full Social Media Management that would raise your social media profile and promote brand awareness. Where there is a will there’s a way! Act now to take advantage of all that Social Media offers your company!


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Thanks for reading!

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