Does Twitter really work in a b2b world?

Twitter is an increasingly important part of the marketing mix in business today but tweeting to a strategy is vital if you are to succeed in a b2b world where business people are constantly bombarded with messages and demands on their time.
There is such a thing as a social media rhythm and it will be different for every company. Establishing your own rhythm, producing blogs, posts and messages consistently is important for a number of different reasons. Firstly it is good for your SEO but more importantly, as your profile and posting history matures, it develops your following and those followers learn to trust the regularity and quality of your output.
Your strategy will depend upon individual company requirements – are you looking to build brand awareness and establish your profile or are you looking to drive traffic to your blog where visitors will read the thoughts of an industry expert – you! Please remember that if this is the case, you are not writing for your benefit, you are writing for potential customers and it is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of their needs and your ability to provide solutions by thinking like they do when you write the blog.
Your strategy will also be dictated by your market. You will have your Twitter goals, your Social Media goalstwitter-birthday
and your company ones but the company ones need to take account of market forces, competitive activity, pricing and ROI, with Twitter forming part of your Social Media and Marketing Mix. As Twitter is just 7 years old (March 2013), many traditional companies are still coming to terms with blogging and micro blogging (140 characters) so a careful and measured strategy is what will work best within a given budget for time. Twitter costs nothing to join but can be a thief of time if a proper policy and strategy is not established.
I tend to sit down at the beginning of a month and plan the timing of the blogs which in turn dictate the timing and nature of the business tweets that I will put out during the month. Nothing is ever set in stone, and flexibility is key, but at least start each month knowing what you want to achieve and the rest will come naturally. Month on month consistency of business message is important with many messages containing links to your blog and website that engage your visitors and encourage them to stay and have a look around – perhaps even sign up to your newsletter.
Most experienced twitterati are prepared to give a little of themselves, some hints and tips, or an information based blog like this one which is not designed to sell, but it should stimulate thought and hopefully encourage you to return – my blog is full of help for people researching subjects and it is Twitter that provides the majority of the visitors. Twitter can do the same for you.
In between the business messages find time to engage with followers or with people you are following. This allows the human side beneath the business person to emerge and as we all know that people buy people first, it is important to allow your own personality and interests to come through from time to time when building relationships and engaging.
twitter-bird-light-bgs Strategy, Consistency, Give. Engage. These are four of the golden rules but the most important of all is to recognise when someone is interested in your products or services because when all is said and done, you are active on Twitter in order to generate sales so read the signs and make sure that you don’t miss out!
Happy tweeting.
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