Facebook for Business – what’s the point?


Facebook logoHow many people reading this have heard someone say, “Facebook for business? What’s the point?” I’ve heard that on more than a few occasions and the answer is simple. There’s absolutely no point at all if you are not going to use Facebook as serious part of your marketing mix. There is no point at all if you don’t believe in it and are not committed to it; in fact it would be better not to do it at all rather than be half hearted about it.


So why are so many companies, large and small, developing their Facebook presence? I read somewhere last week that if Facebook was a country it’s population would be the 3rd largest after China (1.4bn and India1.2bn). That’s a mind blowing statistic!


So there is one very good reason for being there. There is a massive audience and you only need a tiny proportion of it to be interested in your business for it to be very worthwhile indeed.


Quite simply, it is a fabulous platform for launching a new product or service, or for engaging with customers on a more personal level. Posting links that take people through to your website enable further, deeper business engagement.


However, you do need to be careful because there are certain basic errors to avoid! Here are six:


  • Incomplete profiles – Your profile is the first thing people see. It’s their first impression of you. First impressions count so it needs to be a good one.
  • Speling and grammer! Theres’ no grater turn off than this! If you not confident then use a spellchecker. Please!
  • Not engaging – relationships are built by engaging. If you don’t engage you can be seen as a bit of a cold fish!
  • Not using every advantage Facebook can give you. Trawl the apps and learn!
  • Posting inappropriate or misguided items – if you must, keep that to your personal area!
  • No strategy. Your business posts must have a purpose, must be contributing to a short or medium term goal. Random posts with no strategy will not produce results.


So, there are powerful reasons to have Facebook business page but some equally big pitfalls to avoid – I hope this has been useful.


If you need advice about your Social Media profiles and activity, please don’t hesitate to contact me on guy@mymarketingguy.co.uk


Thanks for reading – come back soon!


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