Direct Marketing is on the increase

Direct marketing is marketing activity targeted at groups of consumers or businesses. Carrying a call-to-action or direct response mechanism such as a discount offer, 0800 telephone number or a web link. Well established delivery methods are popular and produce consistent results.

New research published by the Direct Marketing Association indicates that nearly 25 per cent of all UK sales can be attributed to direct marketing.

Over 600 UK businesses took part in the survey which reveals that revenue worth about £700 billion – 23 per cent of UK sales – stems from direct marketing.

Spending on direct marketing is on the increase and budgets are expected to grow by 7 per cent this year to over £15.2 billion. This research would seem to indicate that consumers still appreciate the direct mail or door drop promotion – contrary to popular publicity. However, digital channels have grown by nearly 12 per cent to £2.5 billion, with social media budgets predicted to rise by more than 8 per cent to £2.2 billion.


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