How to create a Sales revolution with a Marketing resolution

Strategy in Marketing

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 But don’t leave it until 31st December 2013! NOW is the time to prepare!


If you want to hit the ground running in January 2013 then now is the time to be reviewing your Marketing Strategy. What worked for you in 2012? What didn’t? A strategy gives you the signposts to reaching the aims and objectives contained within your Marketing Plan. No plan? No strategy? Then it’s time to act.


Your Marketing Plan is an important reference point because it defines how you will grow your company. Firstly examine which products and services are the most profitable for you and how you can develop sales in these areas.


Secondly, do you have products or services which produce only small profits? Consider discontinuing these areas unless they are of strategic importance to the company as a whole.


How about new products and services to complement the profitable ones and give a greater number of upsell opportunities?


Having established what you want to sell, the task then is who to sell it to and via which marketing channels. You will have your favourites and the ones which produce consistent results, but are you ignoring channels that take you out of your comfort zone? Is it possible that they could produce even better results?


Have you ever tested new channels, evaluated results, tweaked the focus and repeated the testing? We recommend this to every client because it is only by trying different media that you can explore the potential of your products and services.


Have a look on our webpage for an idea of what channels are out there waiting for you. It isn’t just press ads, or leaflets, or social media or direct mail. It’s possibly a combination of all and more!


Don’t worry about budget because many of these channels are inexpensive and if you set a budget then you work within it anyway. The important thing is to be seen regularly – to establish a 12 month marketing calendar because it’s the drip marketing effect that establishes brand and positioning.


If you would like to hear more than is possible in this blog please contact me either through the website or write to me here: because I know that my experience can make a difference to your marketing strategy even at the initial FREE consultation.


Let’s get together for a good and prosperous 2013!



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