LinkedIn Native Video is on it’s way!

LinkedIn Native Video

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Native Video

LinkedIn will soon roll out their new LinkedIn Native Video feature – get used to the term because you will hear a lot about it in the weeks to come.

This new video feature will be available via the LinkedIn mobile app, and will allow users to record and upload native videos. LinkedIn Native Video was first tested in the US and will soon be launched to other users in the coming months.

This will make the professional social media giant the last among the large social media sites to include a video feature. The launch of LinkedIn Native Video is expected to arouse the interest of marketers, especially B2B marketers looking for a new platform with a video feature to market their brand.

Simple to operate

The LinkedIn Native Video feature will be available next to the status box via a video icon and will allow users the option to either record or upload a video from their video gallery.

Once you have recorded or selected a video from your phone’s gallery, you will have a chance to include a small description about the clip before sharing with LinkedIn audience.

Users are also given the opportunity to record their videos either vertically or horizontally. Like other social media sites, users will have the chance to monitor how the video is performing in terms of likes and shares.

Who has viewed my video?

An additional feature of LinkedIn Native Video is the ability to see who has watched your video giving you the details of the majority of people who have watched the video. A very useful remarketing tool.

As we get busier every day in this fast paced world, it becomes paramount to consume content in the shortest time possible. Reading a lengthy article in order to find crucial information is no longer the way to go.

People want to learn what is happening in their industry by watching a quick video clip. LinkedIn Native Video will make it easier for users to consume information in the shortest time possible that might be difficult to digest by reading.

B2B marketers understand this and will look to maximise on this benefit. Not only that but search engine giants Google know the benefit of videos to customers and have prioritised videos in SEO rankings. Companies using LinkedIn Native Video are likely to attract a larger audience to their website which can lead to potential leads or sales.

In summary

If your goal in B2B marketing is to connect with clients, you can use LinkedIn Native Video to show how your products are positively impacting the lives of people.

There is no doubt that this development is a game changer that should transform B2B marketing.

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