Marketing & Mentoring for the start up company.

Marketing strategy

Great news for you!

The chances are that if you have reached this page then you are in that exciting phase of starting up a new business.


You will be calling upon specialist knowledge in the planning stages and no doubt you will have spoken to both solicitors and accountants; you will have written a Business Plan for these industry professionals, but have you had Marketing advice or considered Marketing Strategy for the first 12 months and beyond?

Why work with My Marketing Guy?

Because you will be working with someone who knows what start up companies go through – the highs and the lows – and have been through the start up process ourselves so we know how important it is to have a formal strategy because if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you’ve arrived!

The start up marketing & mentoring package

This Marketing & Mentoring Package purely for start up or fledgling companies. It offers you fantastic value for money and we want to help all our start up clients grow so that we can grow with you.

It includes:

The value of the package is over £3,500.00* but we have fixed this at £1,375.00* for the first 6 start up and fledgling company to apply. That’s a 60% saving!!

*these prices exclude VAT which would be charged at the current rate

But that’s not all!

The first 6 business to take advantage of this will also receive FREE Business Mentoring for 6 months

Don’t Delay!

Be one of the LUCKY 6, email me at: and we’ll get together for a FREE consultation to discuss YOUR marketing!

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