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Google + is a social network site owned by the world’s most popular search engine, Google. It is designed to promote interactions between various people via the internet and permit the creation and exchange of users generated content, information and ideas across virtual communities and networks just like Facebook and Twitter.


Recently, there has been a proliferation of social networking sites and many business owner wrongly believed that the more of these social networks they join, the more their businesses will get public exposure. Unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way. You don’t have to belong to all the social networks, but only to the best of them. Google + is one of the most influential you can think of. With over 500 million users, Google+ is no doubt a great platform for the monumental growth of your business if you know how to effectively harness its power.



Google+ has been in existence for a while now but only a handful of people understand how to utilize to maximum advantage. If you have been running your business the old fashioned way, then you will welcome Google+ where everything has been put together to help your business achieve growth to the level you’ve always been wanted.


Below are some of the reasons why business should benefit from promoting their products and services using Google plus.


1. Google + is owned and run by the number 1 search engine in the world, Google. If your profile or business profile is on Google +, your business stands a higher chance of appearing in the search result during any search in your niche done using the Google search engine.


2. As mentioned earlier, Google + has over five hundred million users, with about 60% of that number logging in daily. Advertising on this platform should definitely boost your business’s exposure and enable more people to learn about your goods and services.


3. Your business can get located easily through a medium called Google+ Local. The pages of Google Local (formerly referred to as Google places) contain your vital business information and contact details; these pages are indexed in Google’s search results. Therefore when anyone is searching for a product or services you have a greater chance of featuring prominently. Reviews and recommendations written by those that have used that product or experience your services also help your Google ranking.


4. A feature called Google+ Communities allows your customers to interact with one another and discuss your products and services. This is great feedback about what customers want from the service you provide.


So you could be losing out if your business is not on Google+. Don’t let your competitors beat you to it by being on Google+ before you do, and when you’re there, ensure you maximize all the features designed to take your business to the next level.


Good luck!

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