Marketing your business with YouTube

How many times have you referred to YouTube this month? After all, as the second largest search engine after Google with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month, the likelihood is that you are one of them.

It is becoming harder and harder to ignore the power of YouTube for business marketing.

Almost every country in the world can be reached by YouTube and its versatility as a marketing tool becomes increasing relevant whether your market is Australasia, America or your own hometown.

There are many advantages to using YouTube as part of your marketing mix. Here are some:

  • YouTube is Free to use
  • Creating a YouTube TV Channel of your own is Free
  • You can build an audience for nothing
  • Apart from video creation costs, you won’t need to spend any money if you don’t want to. There is no cost to put your videos on YouTube.
  • Good content can set you apart on YouTube.
  • In your prospects’ mind you might be one of a hundred companies that provide a similar service, but if you are vlogging, (video blogging), you provide them with free educational content that actually helps them, they will learn to like and trust you above all the others.

Legendary marketer Jay Abraham taught that “you should give away value to prospects before you expect anything in return”. So, by using good and useful content, you can establish yourself as an industry expert and educate your followers about why they should trust you. The benefits are significant.


People who like your content can subscribe to your channel, so that they will receive notice of any other content you post.

Potential to ‘Go Viral’:

Users may share content with other business associates and friends. The effect of this is that every piece of good quality content you post has the potential of a very wide reach at no cost to you.


Through user comments you receive immediate feedback on your content, so that you can shape it to your audience and better satisfy their needs.


By using the language that your prospects use in their comments and messages, you can also improve your ad copywriting immensely. This is gold. But with YouTube, you can get it for free.

Search Engine Rankings:

YouTube videos are ranked highly on Google search and if you provide high quality, relevant videos, you’re ranking will improve and you will receive more visitors.

If you are in an industry where it would help your marketing position to educate your customers on some aspect of your business, using YouTube to distribute free content is a fantastic way of positioning your company as a market leader.

After all, “the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous” as Peter Drucker said; and by offering video content that allows your users to get to know you and trust you, the entire sales process is made much easier – in fact “if you want to get ahead, get a video on the net” Mark Wells

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