Millions of pounds wasted on Marketing

Millions of pounds are wasted on Marketing and Advertising each year due to a lack of a formal strategy. In no particular order here are some real examples of situations that My Marketing Guy has experienced when talking to potential customers. If you can identify with more than two of them then you could do with some proper strategic marketing input:

  • You kept the responses to a campaign in a bag under a desk – Do you understand the value of those responses in fine tuning future strategy?
  • You’re not absolutely sure where new business actually comes from – how do they find your site? Your premises? What prompts them to pick up the phone, etc?
  • You get lots of leads, but they don’t seem to convert – did you know that 92% of telephone sales people give up after 4 ‘no’s’ and 44% give up after 1?
  • You get enquiries for work that you don’t really like doing – is your business clear about what it does best?
  • You do some local advertising but you don’t keep track of what works – are you wasting money and effort?
  • Some of your paperwork carries the old logo and so does the livery on the vehicles – does your branding lack clarity?
  • You rarely get referrals from customers –  is your CRM and networking strategy creating supporters of your business?
  • If one big customer left you’d be in trouble –  is your business over reliant on one customer, or one market?
  • You’ve tried telemarketing, PR, press advertising and leaflet drops at least once but they didn’t work – do you appreciate that familiarity breeds response and that a proper media strategy is essential to avoid wasting money?
  • You’re too busy working to think about a marketing strategy – do you know that you need to give marketing some attention in order to secure the future?

How did you get on? Could My Marketing Guy help you and become your marketing guy? Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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