Twitter hashtagsNo time for Social Media but feel you may be missing out?

It’s a common problem for today’s busy business owner but all is not lost! One billion people may use Facebook, 140,000 million tweets may go out each day on Twitter and 43% of business users have done business on social media but don’t worry!

The Good Ship Social Media may have sailed, but we can still get you onboard! We will help you develop a Social Media Strategy and manage it on your behalf. We will create the Social Media ‘buzz’ around your company that will develop your following and position you as an industry expert.

Why is it important?

Social Media can be used to help develop new contacts, cement existing ones, and to establish you as an industry expert in your chosen field. Used in association with your blog, a 140 character Twitter ‘taster’ or Facebook post are versatile means of attracting new visitors to your site. If they like it and it is relevant to them they may by product or sign up to your newsletter which develops the relationship even more.

How does it work?

Dependent upon the package that you choose, we make sure that we put out a minimum average of two business messages for your company across agreed social media platforms every working day. The subject matter will have been agreed by you at a monthly strategy meeting. If you choose 3 platforms the that’s 30 messages a week or 1,560 each year that you don’t have to worry about and whether you are in meetings, on holiday or just plain busy, your message is still going out to your audience.

Part of the Marketing Mix

Social media is a brilliant and inexpensive way of establishing you brand and should, without question, be used as part of your Marketing Mix within an overall company strategy. It complements and enhances other marketing channels many of which can be found listed here .

How much does Social Media Management cost?

Costs depend upon the type of package that would work best for each different client and these can be structured according to need and budget. However, a selection of three standard packages are available as a guide. We are based on the Wirral , Merseyside and if you would like to meet and discuss the options, or would simply like details of the standard packages and a chat over the phone, then please click here and send us your details. We will get back to you within 24 hours.