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Hootsuite. As one of their biggest supporters, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t blogged about Hootsuite before.

I deliver Social Media workshops and such is my enthusiasm for Hootsuite and the time it saves, delegates think I’m on commission!!

Managing multiple social media accounts efficiently would not be possible without the social media management tool that is Hootsuite. It is possible to operate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+, Foursquare and Mixi accounts all from the same dashboard.

Scheduling is key.

Hootsuite can save you massive amounts of time and give you a social media presence even when you are in meetings or on holiday.

There are 3 types of Hootsuite scheduling:

Manual Scheduling

Dependent upon the volume of your social media activity this could be the one for you:

  • Click on ‘compose message’ at the top of the Hootsuite dashboard
  • Write your message
  • If you are driving traffic to your website put the appropriate URL in the ‘add a link’ box and ‘shrink’ the link to add it to your message.
  • Select the social media platforms where your message will appear.
  • Click on the ‘30’ icon for scheduling and select the day, date & time that you want your message to appear.
  • Select accordingly and click schedule.
  • Your message is now scheduled for your selected time & date


  • Complete the first 4 steps above and then click Autoschedule.
  • Hootsuite will optimise your tweets for the times when the majority of your followers are online on the selected social media platforms.

Bulk Scheduling

  • This is my favourite Hootsuite facility and has saved me hours and hours of time over the last 2 years
  • Plan up to 350 tweets in advance by posting them into a simple Excel spreadsheet. These tweets will be your underlying business messages that will be posted consistent with your Social Media strategy. Engagement, so necessary across all social media platforms, will be necessary in addition to your scheduled messages but scheduling relieves a lot of pressure and allows you to engage when it is convenient.
  • Your scheduled tweets will appear in the publisher tab on the left hand side of the dashboard – the one that looks like a paper aeroplane! Click on it and you will see the scheduled tweets.
  • Edit as necessary.

And that is a summary of Hootsuite scheduling. There is far more to Hootsuite than just scheduling though – have a good look around, you will begin to love it as much as I do!

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