What is Cyber Safety?

cyber safeCyber safety means different things to different people.

To all those parents who bought this years ‘must have’ present of a tablet or smartphone for their children it might be the importance of having guidelines, rigorous settings and helping the children understand the opportunities that technology can offer them as well as the online risks.

Cyber safety in business means something completely different.

In January 2015 Kaspersky reported that they had seen twice as many cyber-attacks in 2014 when compared to 2013. Amongst the high profile ones we saw some industry giants hacked in really serious way.

Sony were affected by what many called the biggest hack in corporate history; Registered users of eBay were required to change their passwords after hackers successfully gained access to personal data; Domino’s Pizza were another international name whose clients’ details were accessed by hackers.

If those 3 giants in their own industry aren’t protected from a cyber-attack then what hope does the humble SME have against hackers with a determination to attack us through our IT? In UK alone the Government estimates that the cost to business of cyber-crime is upwards of £21 billion.

The knee jerk reaction is a desire to turn the clock back and revert to pen & paper but that’s just not realistic in today’s business world of dependency upon laptops, tablets, smartphones being connected by the internet.

Yes, the vast majority of us have embraced technology but how many of us have established a cyber – strategy as required for anyone wanting to work on government contracts? Known as Cyber Essentials it makes sense not only for those working on government contracts but for all of us in business as a Best Practice standard.

As a result of looking into this I discovered, and recently started working with, a company who specialise in the area of Cyber Safety. If you are similarly concerned I would urge you to a no obligation chat with one of their highly qualified consultants who will recommend strategy for your business. They will explain how you can become compliant with both Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 cost effectively and quickly.

This link will take you through to a contact page on their website. Quote MMG in your message to be fast tracked.

Ask yourself if you can afford not to make yourself aware of the current situation. I did!!

Thanks for reading – stay cyber safe!

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