What You Need To Know About Linkedin Hashtags

LinkedIn Hashtags

The use of Twitter hashtags is widely known and used; they have become very popular over the years. Hashtags help to categorise and filter content you want to read.

Until recently, LinkedIn did not support hashtags on their platform but that did not stop some users from putting them in their posts. So what are LinkedIn hashtags?

LinkedIn hashtags are simple keyword phrases that use the # sign, which posters use to share their content with their audience. For example, #B2Bsales and #Accounting can be used in LinkedIn posts to make them visible to people who are searching for the same keywords. Additionally, if somebody wants to filter posts that are related to B2B sales they can key in the hashtag #B2Bsales on the search box and find the relevant posts.

Why have LinkedIn introduced the #?

Quite simply, LinkedIn wanted to maintain its status as the best social media platform.

They have added hashtags to their suite of services to improve the LinkedIn member user experience.

The hashtagging improves search functionalities so that users can easily find the articles they saw and wanted to read on their news feed. LinkedIn also updated their content search capability which had improved options to help users find relevant industry content that is related to a topic of their choice.

Initially, LinkedIn introduced the hashtag feature on their mobile app which allowed users to search for topics of interest but left out the desktop functionality. This anomaly has since been rectified.

In common with other social media platforms, hashtags that are used on LinkedIn posts can now be clicked on and this will lead users to other related posts that use the same hashtag, say #Finance.

For your posts to have a wider reach, hashtags are a good way of achieving this

The LinkedIn search engine is a powerful tool which goes down well with Google searches. In case you haven’t noticed recently, LinkedIn posts are usually ranked highly on Google search results. This is likely to be further enhanced with LinkedIn hashtags.

This will not be the first time that LinkedIn has introduced hashtags to its users. Back in 2013, LinkedIn rolled out the hashtag feature, but had to backtrack due to poor response from users.

Although it is not possible to use hashtags on all your LinkedIn posts, you will be able to use them in publisher articles to make them visible to the general public.

LinkdIn hashtags are important for businesses wanting to increase engagement with their customers and boost their online presence.

If you are promoting a new product, hashtags is a great way to generate hype before the launch of the product.

LinkedIn is the most powerful sales aid you could use. If you want further details about how to take full advantage of all the facilities that LinkedIn offers, please contact me on 07742 664662 or book on my latest Linkedin workshop at preferential rates for readers here.

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