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Responsive Website Marketing

Smartphone user

How does your website look on a PDA?
Most of us use our mobile devices for numerous hours a day according to research. Weekdays, weekends, around the house, in the pub, watching TV – just watch the queue in a supermarket, or people at a bus stop or train station; we just can’t get enough of it!
How many of you (and be honest!) watch TV in the evening at the same time as using your tablet, and with your smartphone close by!
It is precisely because we are accessing the internet with a frequency and variety of ways that were never imagined possible not so very long ago, that our websites need to look good on all these different screens. Business is recognizing that their products and services need to be found with the minimum of fuss; fuss in this instance is the pinching and resizing of a screen so that it is legible. Business knows that the better the visitor experience is, the more likely they will convert into a buyer.
Buying products and services is now a 24/7 experience and business is just as likely to make a sale between 9am and 5pm as it is to receive an order placed at commuter time via a smartphone on the train! The need for websites to be responsive to all screen sizes has never been greater and the industry has responded.
Is your site responsive – check it on your smartphone now! If you need to do any pinching then it isn’t!
Using the correct software, responsive websites are only built once and do not need complicated adjustments to suit different screen sizes because they are, well………… responsive! They recognise the screen size on which the site is being viewed and respond accordingly to give the visitor a great impression of the site itself.
It’s the way to go and if you would like more information and an idea about our highly competitive pricing structure please contact me today by email or talk to me on: 07742 664662

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