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The Latest Roll Out of LinkedIn Changes

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world. It boasts over 500 million members in more than 200 nations with 20 million of those being UK based. It has become one of the most effective means for today’s business people to raise their individual profiles and target prospective clients with a laser – like focus.Accordingly, it does not come as a surprise that, in order to maintain their dominance and become increasingly user friendly; LinkedIn is continually making new adjustments to enhance its overall user experience.Now that these adjustments have taken effect, here are some of the most prominent changes and how they will benefit you and your business:

The Personal Profile Banner:

Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression you will make on your visitor, so make it relevant and well planned.LinkedIn has revised the dimensions of the profile cover photo (background banner) to a new dimension of 1584 x 396 pixels. This encourages you to upload ONLY quality images which has got to be good thing.Many users ignore this space and leave it as the default blue but this area represents an opportunity to emphasise your message and let your visitors know that they are on the right profile.

The profile picture:

The round profile pic was rolled out last year and placed centrally within the background banner in 2017. Now, the profile pic has been moved to the left. Dependent upon the message on your background banner this is no big deal but it would be wise to check out how it displays on a tablet or smartphone. Please remember that a majority of users will view your profile on their smartphones.

Active user status:

Ever wondered what that little green dot on someone’s profile pic means? Wonder no more!This green dot indicates that the person whose profile you are looking at is online which, together with the new real-time messaging interface means that you can communicate to a connection from any screen or mobile app. This feature now makes it easier for you to have real time conversations with your various prospects and connections.

Your contact information:

The new LinkedIn features include an enhanced and more accessible ‘See Contact Info’, and it appears to the right of your name and headline on your profile page. The enhanced information now displays your full website URLs as opposed to just your page title which will result in increased numbers of web visits via LinkedIn.

You can now benefit from more relevant content:

The new changes to LinkedIn have effectively made Notifications more prominent. A click on the distinct bell icon located on the top navigation will now direct you to an exclusive page especially devoted to each of your notifications. This includes profile views, mentions, follows, endorsements, and likes.According to a release update by LinkedIn, the new algorithm has been designed to present refined and more relevant content to your page. With more relevant content, you can now easily exploit the information to effectively promote your brand and better reach out to and serve your clients/users. Nonetheless, it only identifies who has shared your posts only if they mention you when they share.


These are some of the several great new additions and features enhancements that LinkedIn has recently introduced to their platform. With only a few exceptions, LinkedIn is undeniably far more user-friendly and more intuitive than ever, displaying a slightly cleaner and sharper design.However, all this will be of no help whatsoever if your personal profile is not welcoming and relevant to your target market. It is no longer your ‘online CV’ as some call it, it is your online sales assistant!If you would like a free profile assessment and details of the other LinkedIn related services that we offer, please email me at or ring 07742 664662