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Facebook Allows Pages to Post in Groups

The latest feature to be added to Facebook Groups, the ability for pages to create and to join existing groups, is one that will undoubtedly give marketers on the platform a reason to smile.

Since its inception, it can be said that Facebook Group has fallen short of the expectations of many brand marketers who expected to benefit the most from community groups.

Coupled with the change of algorithm on the platform that caused a steep drop in page-to-person interactions, online marketers using the social media platform saw their reach significantly reduced.

But things are looking better now as Facebook’s latest tweak to their community-centric Groups feature could help brand marketers gain back some of that reach.

How SME Marketers Stand to Benefit

The ability to form and join pre-existing community groups could be a game changer for business pages. Previously, it was only possible to join a group through a personal profile, but that isn’t the case anymore.

At the moment, any pages seeking to be a part of an existing group have to get the permission of the group’s admin by default, so the admins still have the final word on which pages get access to their groups.

Business pages could benefit drastically from joining groups and communities pertinent to their brand. By allowing page-to-person interactions within these groups, SME marketers will have the opportunity to reinforce brand awareness as well as establish brand authority and expertise in the relevant communities, and this will greatly improve brand visibility.

This new feature makes it easier for Facebook marketers to target their ads to the relevant parties. Facebook Groups has over a billion active users every month, and the fact that it’s based on the largest social network in the world means that pages will have a considerably easier time finding people that may be interested in what they promote.

For community members, it will be easier to distinguish official brand responses, which could do a lot for businesses in terms of building credibility. Facebook Groups houses an assortment of community-driven groups, and among these are brand-related communities and communities based on specific products and interests.

Business pages can get involved in these groups and make it easier for both the people in the communities and the brands they promote to connect. The positive implications of this latest update range from better customer feedback to increased reach, but pages will mostly benefit from being included in groups that are already focused on their product or services.

Spammers beware

But before business pages can start drafting daily posts for their groups, there is something to consider: Facebook’s latest algorithm specifically targets spammers who incessantly post overly promotional text and media.

The social media company’s decision to allow direct communications between pages and people means that they are confident in the platform’s spam-prevention measures, so it is highly unlikely that spammers will thrive in this new environment.

Furthermore, Group admins will still have the power to remove any pages they feel may violate the terms of their community. In the end, it is a small victory for SME pages and Facebook marketers who now have a new avenue to promote brand awareness, establish brand authority, and increase their reach exponentially on the social media platform through direct communication.

Though it’s too early to say whether it will be a success, Facebook marketers now have access to the largest pool of potential consumers, possibly on the entire internet.

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