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Regenerate Your Social Media in 2019

As we move into 2019, it is clear that social networking will continue to dominate the online world.

Across all markets globally, consumers are spending more time on social media networks each year. While the top motivation in connection with friends, digital consumers are increasingly engaging in new activities. These include researching products, tuning in for live broadcasts or interacting with chatbots.

These developments always lead to social marketing changes. Herein is an insightful overview of social media marketing trends to watch out for in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was all the talk in 2018 and rightly so. AI is a future looking trend and is expected to bring far-reaching changes to marketing. Even though many still do not understand its capabilities and limitations, it is taking shape. Ever since Facebook acquired Ozlo to help make Messenger a personal social assistant, chatbots have become the most widely incorporated form of AI.

Chatbots are assisting brands to improve customer services. While doing so, businesses can also reduce their marketing budgets. Chatbots are faster at giving data-related answers and taking queries. They can offer personalised services at any time to any customer. The integration capacity of AI is also high.

You can integrate chatbots with your website, an application and even social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also utilise AI to gather information that can be beneficial to your social marketing strategy. As AI research improves, the use of AI for social is definitely going to be widely implemented. As a business, you can be guaranteed that your competitors will be utilizing this technology.

Video Marketing

In 2019, the video is set to continue its dominance as the preferred medium in social networking platforms. About 200 million Instagram users utilize Instagram Stories each month. According to Hootsuite, 71% of Facebook users have increased online video viewing in 2018. Video has become the face of online consumption. As such, video marketing should be a vital focus of your social marketing efforts. One aspect that is expected to be a big player in 2019 is video exclusively dedicated to mobile. Most online users today access social networking via mobile.

Both Instagram and Facebook have incorporated IGTV, a video platform that uses vertical playback and is dedicated to mobile users. The move served to encourage more people to create video content for mobile. Notable brands are such as Chipotle, Plannable, and SocialChain are already using IGTV. There is also an expected rise of long-form video content as IGTV adoption increases.

Socially Active Organization Leaders

Today, we live in the era of fake news. This has led to a situation whereby building trust with the consumer is becoming increasingly difficult. As such, it has become crucial for organization leaders and top executives to be social. This strategy can help boost a company’s reputation, build trust with the customers and even makes companies more appealing to applicants. The number of organisation leaders that are active on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram is expected to grow. This is due to the increasing distrust in media. More people will want to get first-hand information directly from the source.


The social media marketing trends expected in 2019 are mainly focused on improving user experiences. Online marketers must adopt innovative marketing strategies in response to these changing dynamics. The social domain changes a mile a minute. As a business owner, planning and having a well-defined and flexible social marketing strategy is key to engaging the consumer base and developing your brand online.

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