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How to increase your Facebook Reach

Analysing Facebook stats has been, and will remain, bad news for many business owners. Lots of us wrestle with shrinking reach and declining numbers. 

The Facebook algorithms go on changing and adapting. As they do, we also continue searching for answers. For instance, you wonder what type of content you should be sharing. Further, you might ask why you are unable to reach more of your audience with your updates. 

We have looked into this and compiled some revised advice that should help you increase your Facebook organic reach. 

Hints and Tips to improve your Facebook Organic Reach 

To ensure we are on the same page, organic reach depends on how willing your followers are to engage with your content quickly and with no paid distribution. It consists of people who see both your Facebook page and posts. 
Prompt, regular and early engagement is the best way of increasing your organic reach on Facebook:   

1. Find the best time to post

Just as the quality of content that you post is important, so is the timing of your Facebook post. Let’s assume that you post a great article at 3pm when many people will be working. By the time your Facebook audience logs in, the article will be buried in their News Feeds.

To know the best time to post content, use Facebook analytics. Analytics will tell you when your target audiences are online. Additionally, you will see peak times and days for your fans on your Facebook Page Insights.

Posting when your fans are browsing Facebook will increase the likelihood that your great content will show-up first in their Feeds. That results in more organic reach, more likes, comments and shares.

2. Don’t be boring

Another tip to increase your Facebook organic reach is to mix up different post formats. Assuming you’ve been posting images, but your reach has been dwindling – why not try coming up with a video to see what impact this has on reach.

Alternatively, create link posts to content that your fans might love.

Another variation would be to try some text only posts. Most people don’t so this could stand out because it’s a little unusual. 

3. Post attractive videos and images

While posting different videos and images can increase your Facebook organic reach, ensure they are very attractive. Visually pleasing content helps you to stand out in the crowded News Feeds and studies show that posts on Facebook with images receive 2.3 times engagement than those with no images. 

Much as that is true, there are a lot of people posting low-quality ‘talking head’ videos and these are clogging up many Newsfeeds. Engagement for these will ebb away and any low quality post can appear unprofessional and damage brand reputation. 

4. Frequency of posting.

Once you’ve selected attractive videos and images, the next step is to decide how frequently to post them. There is no ‘one size fits all’ advice here because you will find your own social media rhythm and your posting times depends on your fans. 

Your 2019 Facebook reach will hugely depend on how willing your fans are to interact with your content enthusiastically and quickly. The secret here is to experiment and find a frequency that suits you, then track down your post analytics and evaluate how every posting variation impacts your organic reach. 

5. Appeal to emotions

Instead of begging for reactions from fans, try to inspire them to react. Appealing to your fan’s emotions is an effective tip to boost engagement with your Facebook posts. This then increases organic reach. The stronger the followers feel about your content, the higher the chances they will react, comment or even share it.    


There’s no doubt that Facebook is a great marketing tool. Year after year, the number of companies that actively use this platform increases by millions. Brilliant as it is, Facebook has its challenges. Lots of content is published daily and this has led to a decrease in organic reach as the competition for Facebook News Feeds space is fiercer than before. 

Hence, there is a need for every business user to use whatever stand out tricks they can to maintain a healthy reach.  
Good luck.

Chris Roxburgh is a Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer who runs a wide variety of both open and corporate social media empowerment workshops across the North West for all levels of experience. For more details email:

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