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Why you should use LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Using LinkedIn Matched Audiences

You might be familiar with tools on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads. You can utilize these social platforms for your marketing campaign, in order to achieve traffic to your website, leads, and finally, sales. But almost no one is talking about LinkedIn Matched Audiences, which allows you to do exactly the same, just better. 

What Are LinkedIn Matched Audiences?

LinkedIn Matched Audiences allows you to fuse your own first-party data with LinkedIn’s data in order to achieve the best possible Return-On-Investment (ROI). You can use LinkedIn Matched Audiences to find out the best possible audience for your marketing campaign and engage audiences that you should. There are three main tools hidden in LinkedIn Matched Audiences: Account Targeting, Contact Targeting, and Website Retargeting.

Account Targeting 

With this tool, you can upload your CSV list consisting of company names and it will get matched against LinkedIn’s data, which almost has 12 million company pages. The result will help you reach important people at other companies who are making the decisions. Finally, it will help you to organize your marketing programs which are based on accounts.

Contact Targeting 

If you are using a platform of LiveRamp, Oracle Eloqua, or Marketo, you can directly import your contact list into Contact Targeting. Otherwise, you can upload a CSV consisting of email addresses of your contacts. It will help you to deliver content which is relevant to your customized audience and increase your conversion rate.

Website Retargeting

The final tool that LinkedIn Matched Audiences offer allows you to separate the visitors of your website by the pages that they visited on your website. As a result, you can tailor your advertising content to specific visitor groups, which results in more prospects.

How to Create LinkedIn Matched Audiences

How to use Contact Targeting to retarget LinkedIn users who have visited your site .

  • Go to Campaign Manager, where you will see the option of “Matched Audiences”.
  • Click “Select” to create audiences. 
  • You will see “Create an audience to retarget”, click on that. 
  • Now you can name your audience and type in the URL of the website you plan to retarget. 
  • Click “Save” and you will get a piece of JavaScript code, which you need to put on your website to enable the retargeting.
  • After you put that piece of code on your website, website retargeting is live. 
  • To check on progress, go to “Tools” and select “Matched Audiences”. Here you will find a list of all website audiences that you have created.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Matched Audiences 

There was Matched Audiences’ pilot program over the span of six months during 2016-2017, where over 370 advertisers with more than 2000 campaigns participated. According to data gained from this pilot system, customers who participated in the pilot program of LinkedIn Matched Audiences gained a 30% increase in click-through-rate (CTR) with Website Retargeting, 37% increase in CTR with Contact Targeting, and a 32% rise in conversion rates with Account Targeting, Data speaks for itself. 

Try it, LinkedIn Matched Audiences can do wonders for your marketing!

If you need any help or advice with this or any other LinkedIn matter please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07742 664662.

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