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Emerging from Lockdown – some post lockdown marketing strategy

As we take the early tentative steps back to the full running of our businesses following the lengthy Lockdown period, what is 2020 going to look like from a financial point of view. How should we approach the five months that are left and can we come close to our pre lockdown targets?

These are questions being asked by large and small businesses alike and we have some marketing tips that might help.

  1. Nurturing.

Hopefully, you will have been able to maintain contact with your existing client base. Probably from a social ‘hope you are keeping ok’ point of view. This will stand you in good stead for the ongoing post lockdown period because these clients will realise that they do not just represent sales figures on a spreadsheet to you and that you actually care about them as people.

  • All guns blazing for new business.

This is not a time to be shy! With a significant part of the year lost to lockdown and COVID-19, you are going to need high visibility to recover some of those lost sales. Not only that, but you also must reach out to your prospective clients before your competition does because they are in a similar position.

Who were your best enquiries before Lockdown put them all on hold? They are your priority now.

What is your target market for new business? Fine tune this for maximum results and begin warming those prospective clients up with all the marketing facilities at your disposal.

One benefit of our new Zoom world is that it should be possible to schedule twice or three times the number of virtual meetings as it would be face to face, so with some clients and prospects still being reluctant to meet face to face, this is the perfect, time saving solution.

  • Tapping into pent-up demand

Many businesses are expected to recover quite quickly, others will take longer. Regardless, there are months of pent-up demand built up into the system. Now is the time to take advantage of the pent-up demand by being visible, making yourself easy to find and demonstrating that you have solutions needed by clients at this difficult time.

If you are pitching to a prospective client online, it is reasonable to assume that they are ready, willing and able to place business with you. The advice is – be prepared! Have the comprehensive details of your offering to hand and be able to confirm a price which you will follow up in writing immediately after the call.

Don’t give the prospect any reason to doubt your ability to meet their needs and remember, at the end of the call – ask for the business!! So many of your competitors don’t!

Only when you do so, you can tap into that pent-up demand.

  • Use multiple channels

Post lockdown consider the marketing channels that have been successful for you in the past as well as some new ones which you may have considered but not used before.

A post lockdown strategy should embrace online and offline channels as your prospects pick up the working rhythm again and are perhaps a little more receptive to the marketing message from suppliers in different formats.

Social Media Clients and prospects need to know that you are open for business so a good, active social media presence is a must as you will need to maintain visibility across all your relevant platforms to maintain credibility.

Email shots Newsletters allow you to maintain that direct contact with both clients and prospects. Make the initial ones personal because you don’t know how they might have been affected – so find out and engage as appropriate. Thereafter it is important that they are aware about which of your products or services could benefit them now in the recovery period.

Video Marketing. If you have shied away from this in the past, now might be a good time to seize the opportunity that video can offer. Consider repurposing some blogs that you may have used in the past as an easy way to start and gain confidence before recording new material that is more of the moment.

Events on a medium to largeare not possible now or in the foreseeable future, so would it be appropriate for your organisation to put on an online conference with industry speakers? Or Webinars? Consider all the options for you to achieve standout and seize the initiative to develop your reputation as an innovator.

Content. What a great time to be publishing authoritative content! Build a strategy around your content assets which could range from LinkedIn articles and blogging, to producing industry white papers and eBooks.

This article is by no means comprehensive. There are many other post lockdown marketing techniques to use but these will get some businesses started on the right track to recovering some lost ground.

Stay safe everyone and if you would like an informal chat about your post lockdown marketing strategy, my telephone number is 07742 664662 and I would be happy to help.

Good luck.