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Using #hashtags on LinkedIn

In the business world, perhaps especially in a COVID business world, online networking is a crucial activity and one of the best ways to connect with clients and prospects.

Here on LinkedIn there are many tools available to facilitate the networking process.

One that is underrated, or perhaps misunderstood, is the use of hashtags for sharing content. Through hashtagging, it’s easy for a business to identify with other businesses or potential clients in a post, article, status update, or photo.

The hashtagged keyword to use should be relevant to your post and whatever word you choose, it should be immediately preceded by the # sign. This #word then becomes a hashtag that can be found in searches by others.

Finding and Following #hashtags

LinkedIn makes this very simple.

  • Put the hashtag that you would like to find into the search bar at the top of the page.
  • The results will take you to all the recent posts containing that hashtag.
  • Click the ‘follow’ button if it is of real interest to you.

How to Choose Your Hashtag on a LinkedIn Post

Don’t rush to use a hashtag on a LinkedIn post. Some will be obvious but for others, take your time and choose a relevant hashtag that will satisfy the objectives that you have set.

The hashtag should be specific to your industry and repeated across different posts that you may have planned.

See how other LinkedIn users are using hashtags in their content. Do your target market use hashtagged words and can you take advantage of that?

How and where to Add Hashtags in the Post

Using hashtags on your LinkedIn post is straightforward. In addition to posts they can be added into an article, update, comments and across your profile. This is a fantastic way of being discovered by your target market. This is the simple procedure:

  • On your homepage, click on share a post or article, photo, or video.
  • Write or upload your content.
  • Add hashtags – eg #yourword with no spaces between.

These can be added within the flow of a written post or placed together at the end of your post as a separate paragraph.

What the Benefits of Hashtags on LinkedIn

  • Hashtags help grow your connections in social networks. It’s easy to connect with clients and other members, especially those who you are relevant to your keyword.
  • You get a chance to engage with these new followers or connects. You can share ideas by connecting with like-minded social media users.
  • Makes it easy for others (prospects) to find you. Using a specific #, it’s easy for potential clients to find you and engage.

What the Best Practices Are

If you are into hashtags already, or see the benefits but are yet to use them, you should also know the best practices to employ them.

  • Keep your hashtags short
  • Use between one and five hashtags to keep your post or update clear.
  • Use capital letters in your hashtags and make them readable.
  • Consider creating business hashtags to make your business easy to search
  • Keep track of your hashtags and monitor their popularity.

To Sum Up

Hashtags can be a really useful way of gaining a wider reach, but there is one piece of important advice to remember, Don’t overdo it! Hashtag after hashtag after hashtag can look ugly within your post and could be off putting to some readers. Moderation will win the day.

If you would like to discuss this with me in more detail (because there is much more to be learned!!) please don’t hesitate to email me at

Happy #hashtagging !