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 Being Busy Now Is Great – But Are You Future Proofed?

 Being Busy Now Is Great - But Are You Future Proofed?


In the UK, many trades people are getting plenty of work as more people pay closer attention to their homes. With foreign holidays still an unpredictable ballpark, lots of homeowners are dipping into the funds they’d saved up for those to use on home improvements instead.

In fact, research by Attic Self Storage in late 2020 reported that 59% of British people claiming that they would be making home improvements in 2021, which could total £47 billion in spending.

This has propelled trades people, such as decorators, roofers, builders and electricians, into the forefront and increased the demand for their skills.

Many are turning work away but what happens when the current ‘bubble’ bursts?

In normal times there are are peaks and lulls in the demand for any trade, so during the busy times it is just as important to stay on top of marketing and advertising for when this high demand begins to tail off.

Of course, there will always be a need for talented trades professionals, but the market will become more competitive when fewer homeowners are looking to spend on major improvements.

For this reason alone, maintaining a high profile is integral for future proofing your business. Planning is vital for business continuity, and the most effective way to maintain your presence is by effective marketing.

But do you have the time for this at the moment? Has the realization just dawned that you have let some of your marketing activity slide during this busy time?

For instance:

Google Reviews.

For every successful piece of work you complete, I am sure that you encourage your customer to give you a positive review that will be useful for you when others are doing their research.

You may be aware that some may not know how to do this, so have you created a step-by-step guide to posting a review on Google to leave with your customers?

Your Website

In today’s world a good, active digital presence is all important because one of the first places people will look for trades services is online.

A strong website that has a focus on three elements is a top priority, A focus on Format and the presence of Keywords will form the basis of success.


A well-organized, user-friendly website will allow customers to easily navigate it and find everything they are looking for.

The most common means of navigation is to have tabs at the top, or side of the website to direct them to your services, your reviews and your contact details.

This will make both you and your website accessible and demonstrate to potential customers that you are a legitimate business they can rely on.


To maximise search engine optimisation (SEO), you need to focus on keywords. These are the words and phrases that users type into their search engine to bring up relevant results, and the more keywords you use, the better chance your website has of a higher search engine ranking.

For example, if you are a decorator, your keywords could include ‘decorate’, ‘home’, ‘painting’.

Focus on the common words and phrases associated with your trade that people would typically search for, and make sure that you also make your location clear so that local customers can find you. Phrases such as ‘painter in Merseyside’, ‘decorator in the North-West’, Merseyside based electrician.

Social Media

It is a given nowadays that almost everybody is on at least one social media platform. Many trades maintain three or more platforms.


Because a strong social media presence can produce spectacular results and a regular flow of enquiries. Most trades are highly visual activities and social media is a visual medium.

‘Before and after’ photographs can make a dramatic impact and not only highlight the quality of your work, but also show potential customers the endless possibilities.

Are you able to maintain your social platforms on a daily basis?

In summary.

The most important thing to remember is that the future is never guaranteed. Being busy today does not mean being busy tomorrow. Taking steps to future proof your business and keeping that sales funnel topped up are vital activities.

And yes, we know that everyone is time poor during the busy periods but that doesn’t mean that all marketing activity should grind to a halt. If it does, you may be storing up a dangerous quiet period further down the line.

Future proofing in these circumstances often means outsourcing to specialists whose job it is to maintain a very strong presence on your behalf and to ensure that the sales enquiries keep flowing.

Does that sound attractive to you? Would you be relieved to get rid of one of the many roles that a small company boss has responsibility for? Would your precious time be better spent on the tools or with the family?

The next step

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, please contact me on and I would be happy to arrange a no obligation, no cost marketing planning meeting with you over a coffee.



Chris Roxburgh is a Marketing Consultant and Social Media Coach with My Marketing Guy who can be contacted on 07742 664662 or by email at . He is also a co-host on the Go-Fish Marketing Hints & Tips Podcast series