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It’s been all change at LinkedIn in 2021!

Quite honestly, the changes to LinkedIn in 2021 have been so fast and furious that they have been difficult to keep up with!

I have taken a selection of the ones likely to be of most use and interest to contacts of mine and highlight them here:

1. LinkedIn has a new look

The change is very subtle with rounded profile shapes and buttons. There is a also little more white space than we had before. to give a cleaner, more crisp look. A softer, more welcoming feel all round. 

Verdict. Good move but I didn’t notice at first either!!

2. Connection request limitations

The restriction to inviting just 100 people to connect with you each week will reduce a lot of the spam that we all receive in our message boxes. It will also encourage us all to be far more focused with our invitations and produce better quality engagement.

Verdict. Not a bad move. 

3. LinkedIn Creator mode

Click the link to discover full details of Creator Mode, where to find it and how to turn it on. It is designed to help you develop your LinkedIn reach and influence but please note that not everyone has it yet so if you haven’t, be patient and keep checking.

Creator mode will reorder your profile displaying the featured and activity sections more prominently. You will also be able to choose five hashtags to highlight your main interests and what you post about. These hashtags are designed to give you a wider, relevant audience.

Verdict. Brilliant for regular posters.

4. Post Character Limit Increased.

The limit for a post has been increased from 1,300 characters to 3,000. Many posts are short and to the point, so this will only be of benefit to those who would prefer to be a little more wordy to make their point.

Verdict. Useful but not essential. 

5. LinkedIn Cover Story

Click here to discover how to add a cover story to your profile. It comprises a 30 second video where you will introduce yourself and explain what you do. Once uploaded your followers and connections will see an orange border around your existing image and a muted 3-second preview of the video.

If you are looking for examples you may be out of luck because you will only be able to view cover stories if you have one yourself.

Verdict. Likely to be very popular. 

To sum up

I hope the foregoing is either useful or of interest. The five that I have highlighted are among over 30 changes that I have found but if I catalogued them all here no one would read to the end!

Many of the developments are going to have an impact on the way we make LinkedIn work for us, so if you would like to know more about the many changes, and how to make LinkedIn work for you and your business, then please contact me on and I would be happy to arrange a no obligation meeting with you over a coffee.

The Writer

Chris Roxburgh is a Marketing Consultant and Social Media Coach with My Marketing Guy who can be contacted on 07742 664662 or by email at . He is also a co-host on the Go-Fish Marketing Hints & Tips Podcast series.