My Marketing Guy

About Us

I am Chris Roxburgh and I own My Marketing Guy. I have been involved in marketing for my entire career and have experience across many elements of the marketing mix. During the last 9 years my consultancy role with My Marketing Guy has allowed me to use my vast experience in applying what I have learned to the variety of situations that clients present to me.

As an independent Marketing Consultancy and Social Media Trainer, I help clients to write and implement marketing and social media marketing strategies that will deliver lasting benefits to their businesses.

Within the pages of this website and on the blog, you will find much valuable information to help you and if you still need convincing that outsourcing your marketing or your social media is the way to go in the future, then please consider these benefits.

The benefits of outsourcing

  • Outsourcing enables you to concentrate on what you are best at.
  • Outsourcing is not expensive – in fact it is a fraction of the cost of a full time, experienced marketing manager.
  • Outsourcing gives you the chance to redefine internal resource.
  • Outsourcing produces cost savings – no full time salary, tax and NI to pay, not to mention holiday and sickness pay.
  • Outsourcing will allow you to take advantage of more than 30 years marketing experience.
  • No contract which ensures our full focus!
  • Have experience of many elements

Taking Action

It would be good to get together for a coffee and a chat to discuss what I can offer your business. You can contact me via my contact page or give me a call on 07742 664662.