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Webinars 2021

The Webinars have been written with professionals, business owners, sales and business development teams  in mind; although the down to earth, practical information delivered will help any business person who wants to discover how to  to add some variety, punch and effectiveness to their LinkedIn presence and attract engagement, leads and sales using proven techniques.

Webinars can be delivered to your office, home office, garden office, sofa, kitchen table. You can follow them on your laptop, tablet or mobile. There is no travelling time to a venue and they are a fantastic personal development tool. This the programme:

Webinar one 75 minutes – will cover:

  • Why a strong presence on LinkedIn is essential
  • Creating a client relevant profile
  • Recognising free advertising opportunities

Webinar two 75 minutes – will cover:

  • Personal Strategy, Branding and engagement
  • Privacy settings
  • Company Page

Webinar three 75 minutes – will cover:

  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • The Life of a Post and attracting engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Action planning

What you will need

  • Access to a laptop (preferable) or a smartphone with internet access
  • Availability for three 75 minute sessions

Please remember, LinkedIn is a fabulous, but underutilised, sales resource – be one of the minority who take advantage of this amazing sales aid effectively and emerge from this crisis period ahead of the competition and better able to do business differently by attending these webinars.

Please email for further information