My Marketing Guy

Marketing Consultancy

My Marketing Guy is an independent Marketing Consultancy, helping clients to write and implement marketing and social media marketing strategies that will deliver lasting benefits to their businesses.

Increasing Marketing Effectiveness 

We work with you to help you increase your sales, develop your brand awareness and reach new markets using innovative marketing techniques suited to your business. 

We will show you how changes to existing strategies can be stunningly effective and long lasting, as well as how to turn your new clients into loyal ones using simple proactive approaches.

Time Saving

Our Lead Generation, copywriting, blogging and full social media management services save busy entrepreneurs many hours of time each month, and the planning of direct marketing or PR campaigns saves much leg work and research.

It’s a simple idea – you look after the present and we will future proof your business by designing and implementing a marketing strategy to heighten awareness, establish branding, keep orders flowing and keep customers engaged.

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